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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many photos will I receive?
Although the number of photos is not contractual, our aim is to take as many photos with different poses and backgrounds as possible. As a rule of thumb expect to receive between 60 to 100 final edited photos for a 1-hour session.

2. What if I want all the photos the photographer took?
The company reserves the right to only send images that meet the quality standards we deem appropriate. Any image below our standards will be discarded and not shared with anyone.

3. What will my photos be used for?
None, your photos are solely for you. We will request your permission to use the photos for promotional purposes on our social media or website to promote our services. The copyright of the images belongs to Zeuss Photo.

4. Can I choose the photographer?
Yes, for the selected day and time, if we have availability of multiple photographers, we will offer the client the possibility to choose the one that best aligns with their tastes and preferences. If only one photographer is available, this option will not be possible, and the photo session will be conducted with the photographer assigned by Zeuss Photo.

5. When will I receive the photos?
Within a maximum of 48 hours. We also offer an express service (Express24*) to receive the photos within a maximum of 24 hours after the photo shoot.

6. In what format will the photos be sent and how?
The photos are sent in JPEG format, with a resolution of 2,600 pixels on the longest side of the image (aspect ratio 4:3).

7. Is there a minimum time I can book?
The minimum time is 30 minutes, although occasionally we have offers for specific locations or events of 20 minutes duration which are slightly cheaper.

8. What if I run out of time or want to extend the session?
As long as the photographer is available immediately after your session, it will be possible to extend the session.

9. What if I am late?
The time starts counting from the contracted time. However, a 15-minute delay may be understandable. From 15 minutes of delay beyond the scheduled time for the session, and if there is no response from the client, the session will be automatically canceled, and the amount will be forfeited.

10. What if I need to change the time or date?
As long as the changes are made before 48 hours, changes are allowed if the photographer's schedule allows it and does not affect other clients.

11. Can I book with less than 24 hours' notice?
Yes, as long as we have availability. In these cases, an extra fee applies.

12. What if I want photo retouching?
We offer photo retouching service, such as Photoshop, if needed. The retouching fee will be per photo, starting from 12 euros per photo (depending on the volume and type of retouching). This service is not included and will be quoted separately.

13. Can I print my photos?
Yes, along with the photos, if requested, we can provide you with a "release of rights in perpetuity" so you can print the photos anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

14. What if I don't know where to take the photos?
Our local photographers will advise you on the best available location according to the conditions and for the purpose of the photo session and at the time of booking.

15. What if I don't know how to pose?
Our policy is not one of forced posing but rather a more natural approach. In any case, our photographers will guide and assist you to ensure you feel comfortable, resulting in natural and visually aesthetic poses.

16. Do you provide props?
No, but we can advise you on what clothing and accessories to bring to the photo session, but we do not supply any of them.

17. What if it rains on the day of the photoshoot?
In case of rain, we will work with you to reschedule the session for an alternative date that suits us all. No money will be refunded due to weather conditions.

*The common goal is to deliver as many images as possible, however, the number of pictures varies depending on many factors therefore the number of images is not contractual. 
*Final images will be shared to be downloaded via an ON-LINE-SECURED-PRIVATE gallery within 48 hours of the photoshoot*
(The turnaround time for Real Estate shoots and events are 72 hours).
* Only JPG files will be provided via download. 
*The resolution of the pictures will be 2,400 pixels on the longest side. Extra resolution files (if needed) will be charged extra. 
*The photographer won't release RAW or unedited files under any circumstances, except if previously agreed upon.
*Extra hours will be considered right after the time previously agreed on expires. 
*Transportation fees, parking, and accommodation fees may apply.

Payment Terms:
Payment in full is required prior to the commencement of the photo shoot.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations are subject to a 25% commission fee.
Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot are non-refundable.
Transportation Fees:
Transportation fees may apply. Please inquire about these fees before booking a session.
Photo Editing (Photoshop):
Photoshop services are not included in the base price and will be quoted separately. Prices for Photoshop services start at $15 per image, varying depending on the volume of work required.
Photographer Breaks:
After every 5-hour period of photography, a 1-hour break is required for the photographer.
Session Start Time:
Your session begins promptly at the scheduled time. We highly encourage punctuality and recommend arriving well-prepared for your shoot.
Overtime Policy:
Additional hours beyond the initially agreed-upon time will be billed accordingly and should be requested before the current session expires.
Short-Notice Fee:
A Short-Notice Fee of 50 Euros applies if the booking is made with less than 24 hours' notice. (Expect for *Travelers Seville Photo packages witch is 27.50 Euros)
Payment-Retrieval of Pictures:
No pictures will be delivered until full payment is received. No exception.
Tax Disclaimer:
Prices listed do not include applicable taxes. In certain countries, photography services are considered an integral part of the "fabrication process." This means that the labor involved in providing photography services is closely linked to the final product, making it taxable. Without the photography service, the final products, such as images, wouldn't exist. Please note that taxes, if applicable, will be added to your invoice in accordance with local regulations.
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